The Court Crafters' Advantage.

There is no limit when it comes to the versatility available with your residential or commercial basketball court.  From a dedicated full size basketball court to a compact practice area, Court Crafters will provide innovative surfacing options, creative solutions and customized features to help make your backyard hoop dreams a reality.


Selecting the ideal location for your court involves two crucial components - promoting ease of use and protecting the natural beauty of your property.  Our experienced team will recommend the optimal location and plan a court layout that exceeds your expectations.


Regulation size basketball courts are not always possible for most residential properties.  Court Crafters can give you that professional court experience with scalable design options and custom features to accommodate and compliment any size property.


Each Court Crafters court is a true masterpiece.  Customize your basketball court or half court with various surfacing and cushioned overlay options, vibrant colour combinations or by adding a custom design or logo.


The natural beauty of Northern Ontario also provides challenges when it comes to residential construction.  Regardless of the natural obstacles, Court Crafters is certified to provide innovative solutions that minimize construction costs and maximize your investment.


Your basketball court can be a constant source of enjoyment and activity with the addition of a multi-purpose net system for volleyball and badminton, or a spectator gallery for entertaining the cheering crowd.


Court Crafters will design and build a basketball court that provides many years of maintenance-free enjoyment.  Your time should be spent enjoying your court - let our professional team handle any seasonal needs.